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The Buffalo News - April 26, 2017

Area surgeon restores an uninsured river guide's vision for free

An incredible story of Dennis Roberson of Chattanooga Tennessee who went from being blind in his right eye to being able to see, thanks to the amazing doctors at Atwal Eye Center and to the generous program offered by Eyes On America.  Dennis arrived to Buffalo area to receive cataract surgery through Eyes on America, a nonprofit organization that provides free cataract surgery to the uninsured, Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

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 eyes in the news The Buffalo News - October 17, 2015

The eyes have it

Dr. Ephraim Atwal consults with Joann Gubala of Lancaster, who took advantage of free cataract surgery Friday at Atwal Eye Center, Cheektowaga. The doctor teamed up with two other specialists, Drs. Kenneth D. Anthone and Dr. Amar Atwal, in offering the surgery to non-insured and low-income residents, recent immigrants and military veterans. The surgery was done in conjunction with the Eyes on America Foundation, a not-for-profit founded by Anthone, which sponsors Mission Cataract Day annually.


eyes on america honorees 2015 Eyes on America Honorees - 2015

Left to Right: Master of Ceremonies Stan Coleman, Lions Past District Governor Dan Dunn, Honorees Dr. Myron and Joyce Glick, Cataract Surgeons Dr. Kenneth Anthone and Dr. Amar Atwal, Honoree Ed Rutkowski, Honorees Carolyn and John Yurtchuk, and Honoree Carl Paladino.

eyes on america honorees 2014 Eyes on America Honorees - 2014

Left to Right: Board member Lou Picone, Honoree Christopher Jacobs, Honoree Russel Salvatore, Founder Kenneth Anthone, Honorees Former NYS Governor David Paterson, Rev. Darius Pridgen, and Honoree Rocco Termini.


WIVB News - November 15, 2014

"Dr. Kenneth Anthone performed 15 surgeries Saturday at his Maple Road Office. Dr. Anthone works with the Eyes on America Foundation to provide cataract surgery to people without insurance coverage."
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eyes on america bills alum Criterion Vol. 87 - No. 21 Sat., May 26-June 1, 2012

Eyes on America Foundation Salutes Former Buffalo Bills

Dr. Kenneth D. Anthone, Chairman of the "Eyes On America Foundation Board," held an Inaugural Fund Raising Reception. This event raised funds for donated cataract surgeries for those without health care insurance.
Shown from left are the honorees, including former Buffalo Bills stars: 1961 Buffalo Bills Halfback, Will Fowler; Tight End, Charley Ferguson; Tight End, Ernie Warlick; Defensive Back, Booker Edgerson; 20 N. Lions District Governor, Clancy Berkwit; Eyes on America Chairman of the Board, Dr. Kenneth Anthone; the Honorable Ed Rutkowski; Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Lou Piccone; and Emcee and former WIVB TV Sports Anchor, Paul Peck. These football stars received Community Service Awards for enhancing the quality of life in Western New York.